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Montana Mistletoe by R.L. Syme

Montana Mistletoe Montana Mistletoe by R.L. Syme

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Montana Mistletoe is a quick read that did a nice job of kicking off the holiday reading season for me. It also had me wanting to cry in frustration on Gillian’s behalf as everything that could go wrong did, and then some. Syme does an excellent job in creating Gillian’s character and all that she must deal with on the night of the theater’s biggest fundraiser, and keeping it from becoming a comedy of errors. I believe most of us has had one of those days where nothing goes right, you question why you bothered getting out of bed that morning, silently beg the universe to let you crawl back into bed and wakeup to a do-over, and have to endure all of that with a ghost from our past showing up to witness it all. I know I have experienced all that minus the last part and this certainly made Gillian a very sympathetic character in my book.

That’s not to say that Mason wasn’t also a sympathetic character, because he was and I connected to him as well. In fact, I could easily feel Mason’s frustrations when he had to deal with Gillian’s reactions (appropriate and inappropriate), last minute changes because the secretary failed to share the night’s schedule of events ahead of time, and subpar working conditions while still being expected to prepare an outstanding meal. Top that all off with Gillian’s hot and cold demeanor toward him and it’s quite impressive how well he did over the course of the evening. While I liked both Gillian and Mason’s characters, I didn’t quite connect with them as a couple. Granted Montana Mistletoe is more of a reigniting the sparks of a second chance romance than the story of how their second chance actually plays out. As such, this didn’t allow for a lot of interactions between the two and with only a couple of stolen kisses here and there, this hindered my ability to connect to them as a couple rather than as individuals. However, this didn’t reduce my enjoyment of the novella overall, but rather left me wanting more and hoping that the next installment in the Granite Peak series will show us more of Mason and Gillian’s romance. Montana Mistletoe was an enjoyable holiday read and a fun way to spend an hour or two.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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