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Safe Under Protection by Holla Dean

Safe Under Protection (Corbin's Bend Season Three #2)Safe Under Protection by Holla Dean

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I haven’t taken a look at the books slated for this season of Corbin’s Bend, but Safe Under Protection makes it two out of two books with an added suspense angle as Jess and Colleen make their way to the spanking community to hide out from the mob. Jess and Colleen, now known as Russ and Debi, moved to Corbin’s Bend with no clue what Domestic Discipline was and for a couple in their fifties it proved to be quite a shock. How pray tell does a vanilla-couple end up hiding out in a spanking community? That’s what happens when your U S. Marshall handler happens to be brothers with the community founder and is able to get your application fast-tracked. Yes, we got to meet Brent’s brother Jack and I can only hope his comfort with moving the couple to Corbin’s Bend is indicative that he will eventually get his own book.

That said, Safe Under Protection was an interesting read as we got to see what happens when a sexually-naïve vanilla couple gets plopped down in the middle of a spanking-friendly community. I will admit that even at 40, I was hesitant at reading about the sex life of a couple in their mid to late-fifties. I know, I know. Ageist much? But once I got into the story, Ms. Dean’s writing sucked me in and I forgot all about Russ and Debi’s age. Let me just say that they proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks. (Come on! You had to know I was going there.) But seriously, the more the couple learned about spanking for pleasure and for punishment, the more they became interested in the Domestic Discipline lifestyle. I for one enjoyed the conversations Debi had with her mentor, Venia – especially with the other ladies in attendance, when Debi came to the realization that Russ was already her HoH whether they had realized it or not. Even more enjoyable was when they introduced spanking into their already fulfilling sex life, taking it to the next level. I loved how both had been pleased with their sex life but felt that spanking gave it that extra something neither of them realized they were missing and it was steamy!

I also liked that once Russ and Debi got over their initial discomfort with Domestic Discipline (due to their unfamiliarity with the lifestyle), they were able to see all that the community and residents of Corbin’s Bend had to offer. They quickly found that their acceptance of the others’ lifestyle meant that they were readily welcomed into the fold. Even if their new friends didn’t know the truth of who they were or how they came to be in Corbin’s Bend, their acceptance not only helped Debi by providing the emotional support system she needed, but it also insured that Russ’s mobile auto repair business was an overnight success...literally. Despite being the catalyst for their move, the suspense element played a minor role in the book and Ms. Dean wrapped it up nicely so that it came into play without overpowering the story and she provided a resolution that was exciting without feeling rushed. Safe Under Protection was a great read and I’m looking forward to the next release in season three of Corbin’s Bend.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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