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So I've been blogging for a couple of months now via WordPress as that is the site the blog I am affiliated with uses.

As we will begin helping a few authors who are close to us promote themselves and their books, I thought it best to learn how to use Blogger as it seems to be that other most used blogging platform among the book bloggers that we interact with. 

Side note - When I say work I don't mean this is the paid sense. We don't charge for any of the things we do at Wicked Reads and, in turn, we aren't paid for the work we do as admins. We do it because we love to read and want to share that love of reading with others. The closest we come to getting paid for what we do is through the use of Amazon associate links and the money generated through those sales are actually funneled back into the blog to buy prizes for fans, books for the Wicked Reads Review Team to review (i.e., we've received a sequel but not previous books in the series). 

But back to the point. In an effort to improve my knowledge and make sure that I can help the authors we work with the most comprehensive support, I will be learning how to use Blogger. As such, posts will likely be sporadic, but they will almost always be book related so I hope you enjoy it. 

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Originally posted on May 27, 2014 on my first blog by Blogger.

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