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Texas Wedding by R.J. Scott

Texas Wedding Texas Wedding by R.J. Scott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Scott takes us back to Texas for the final installment in Jack and Riley’s life together. No, their tale does not end tragically. This is merely the last book that Scott has planned for the couple and it’s a great way to finish out the series – with the guys fighting for what’s right and using the advantages of their fortune (both financial and emotional) to try to make Texas a more level playing field for couples like them.

Within the first chapter, the author reminds us why Jack and Riley have stayed strong over the years together. They pay attention to each other, what their partner says and doesn’t say, what their partner does and doesn’t do, and each man will take whatever action he feels necessary to keep the line of communication open between them and their connection strong. Fortunately for my voyeuristic tendencies, this means that not only do Riley and Jack talk, they are not shy with their physical affections for one another. Not at all. And they just get sexier and sexier with each book. But beyond that, Jack is Riley’s anchor and Riley is Jack’s rock. There is no doubt that they have one another’s back and the support and encouragement Riley gives Jack to move forward with his idea for the ranch, to make it a safe place for young men like Liam to live and work, is merely one of the ways that demonstrate how well they understand one another. Their bond is also vital to them getting through Hayley’s first date. I chuckled several times over the course of the book as Riley and Jack had to face the fact that their little girl was growing up.

As with the previous books in the series, we get a chance to catch up with the other characters and see how their lives have changed since the last book. It was nice to see that Lisa was finally moving on and finding happiness, even if her revelation nearly gave Riley and Jack a heart attack. Being as I work with children and adults with autism, I really, really liked how the author shows Jack and Riley constantly striving to do more for Max and their willingness to learn all that they can about autism and how it affects Max as an individual. One of the things that made Texas Wedding interesting was watching Jack and Riley’s responses to the impending SCOTUS decision regarding same-sex marriage. Watching Jack remain hesitant about Texas’s reaction regardless of what the high court said was realistic as we’ve already seen in real life how government officials have ignored the law. At the same time, Riley’s enthusiasm for what it would mean – that their home state would have to recognize their marriage – and the plans he hoped to follow-through on WHEN (because there was no IF in Riley’s opinion) the decision came down were heartwarming and trailblazing. Riley’s enthusiasm for making Texas a better place for same-sex couples is inspiring, as is his willingness to use his resources to do what he can to make it happen. Obviously there’s a wedding, so make sure you have your tissues handy because Hayley made me bawl when she talked about what it meant to her to have two dads. Texas Wedding was the perfect way to wrap up the series, with tears and laughter and lots of love, but I won’t lie – I would happily read more about the Jack and Riley and the rest of Campbell-Hayes family.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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