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The Glass Knot by Lily Harlem

The Glass Knot
The Glass Knot by Lily Harlem

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As expected, I loved The Glass Knot. Ms. Harlem has a gift for crafting ménage romances that balance romance and sex between all three parties beautifully and this book is no exception. Unlike the previous ménage romances of hers that I have read, there was far more of an antagonistic relationship between Nick and Laura than I recall encountering. This actually enhanced the story far more than I anticipated when Nick’s resentment first appeared.

Josh and Nick are on vacation celebrating their ten year anniversary. While there, Josh meets Laura and finds himself drawn to her. With Josh quite possibly being the most attractive man she has ever encountered, Laura is quite disappointed to learn that he is not only married, but that he is married to a man. But Josh has a one-time pass from Nick to have sex with a woman and Laura is who he wants to lose his virginity to. Fortunately once Josh gets past his initial anxiety he proves to be quite the dedicated student and the sex between the two is hot. As with all vacations, time in paradise ends and Laura must return to her life finding it even drearier than before. This changes when she goes to Barn View to take photos of Josh to give to Nick for his birthday. One thing leads to another and Josh and Laura have another round of hot sex. Of course this is a problem because Nick’s fears regarding Laura being a threat prove to be founded and MAJOR drama ensues – as well as seriously hot angry sex between the two men. Laura feels horrendous for causing problems between the two men and flees back to London cutting all ties. But when a near fatal accident occurs and Nick comes to realize what’s important he seeks out Laura to help him with Josh’s recovery. From there the three embark upon a dual relationship between Laura & Josh and Josh & Nick. Living in such close quarters and seeing their shared love for Josh, Nick and Laura forge a bond that eventually explodes and paves the way for the ménage relationship, which is accompanied by the full gamut of freaking hot sex – MM, MF, MMF and MFM – and Ms. Harlem is a master of writing squirm-inducing sex scenes.

I really enjoyed that while the main part of the story was told from Laura’s perspective, the Prologue was told from Josh’s POV and the Epilogue was told from Nick’s POV. This gives the reader the opportunity to get a feel for Josh in the beginning of the book and confirms Nick’s happiness with the ménage relationship at the end of the book – at least it did for me. The Epilogue also gave a nice look into how their relationship had progressed over the two years – in their family structure, their emotional connection to one another, and that their physical attraction remains as strong as ever after 2 and 12 years together. The Glass Knot is a beautiful love story between three people who learned that love truly knows no bounds. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Harlem’s work.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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