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Love, In the Fast Lane by Rie Warren

Love, In the Fast Lane
Love, In the Fast Lane by Rie Warren

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having met Nicky Love in Stone, At Your Service, I was looking forward to reading his story. Fortunately Ms. Warren did not disappoint and this time around fans of the series get to watch Nicky as he falls in love, gets his heart broken, learns to forgive, deals with rabid fans, and falls in love again in Love, In the Fast Lane.

While I really liked Nicky’s character in book one, I came to love him thoroughly in Love, In the Fast Lane. Nicky has a LOT of baggage and it often gets in the way of him finding happiness. Much like Josh, Nicky isn’t looking for love so it’s not surprising that it must walk into his life and slap him across the face (literally) before he realizes what he really wants. That love walks into his life in the form of the ultra bada$$ Catarina Steele just makes their ride even wilder because she’s not looking for a relationship due to the matching set of baggage she carries abound with her. Fortunately Nicky is persistent and refuses to let Cat drive him away – especially with how much the sparks fly between the two. Yikes! There are some seriously hot sex scenes. Between their personal baggage and the interference that their friends and family cause, it’s amazing that they actually work together. They have so many strikes against them that I’m surprised that they were even willing to give it a go. Yet they do and Ms. Warren takes the reader on yet another wild ride in the courtship between Nicky and Cat.

As the second book in the Carolina Bad Boys series, Love, In the Fast Lane is an excellent addition to the series. While you can read it as a stand-alone book, you will lose out on quite a bit of context, so I would strongly recommend reading book one first. If you have already read Stone, At Your Service, you will be pleased to know that Ms. Warren not only gives you the chance to catch up with Stone and Leelee, they actually have a significant amount of story time in the book. Considering that Stone and Nick are like brothers, I wasn’t surprised that the couple made an appearance in the book but I was ecstatic with just how much we got to see of them as their relationship continued to progress alongside that of Nick and Cat’s. Love, In the Fast Lane was a great book and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Warren’s work.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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