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Warrior by Cara Bristol

Warrior by Cara Bristol

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anika cared for her “partner” Jergan and while she mourns his death, she also relishes the freedom she has had in not having to answer to a man other than her brother Marlix. Needless to say she is NOT happy when Marlix announces that she will become the breeder to Commander Ilian. Unlike Jergan, who was a beta, Commander Ilian is an alpha and she knows he will be far more controlling than Jergan was. Much to Marlix and Urazi’s dismay, Anika steals away in the night to avoid being sent to the Commander the next day. Marlix’s dismay is due to his disbelief that his sister would disobey him. Urazi is dismayed because he and Anika had been engaging in beta sex (anal sex to prevent betas from procreating) and he thought they had grown close enough that she would have come to him about the issue. Against his Alpha’s orders, Urazi sets off to find Anika and bring her back – better him not be able to see her because she is with Ilian than because she is dead. What follows is an action-packed adventure as Anika attempts to maintain her freedom while avoiding being caught by Marlix’s men and enemies.

I loved Anika’s strength and determination. Clearly she underestimated the dangers the a warring Parseon presented to her, but her ability to adapt to the situation demonstrates her intelligence and shows Urazi that he really shouldn’t underestimate women in general and her in particular. As they spend time together under extremely stressful conditions (you’ll have to read the book to find out because they’re too spoilerish to reveal), Urazi’s commitment to his Alpha and Parseon protocol weaken until he initiates non-beta sex with Anika. While many of their interactions are rushed due to the situation, it does not diminish their steaminess or thoroughness. As is usually the case in war, things get worse for the couple before they get better and things definitely get WAY worse – bad enough that I questioned whether or not Ms. Bristol was going to give Anika and Urazi the happy ending they deserved.

Although Warrior is the third book in the Breeder series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone. That said, I suspect that I would have enjoyed a slightly richer reading experience had I read Breeder and Terran first as characters from both books either appeared or are mentioned in Warrior; however, I never felt at a loss of what was going on in their world. I do intend to go back and read books one and two to learn Marlix’s and Dak’s stories and I hope that Ms. Bristol is working on a fourth book in the series as there seem to be a lot of changes on the horizon for Parseon.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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