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HeVan Sent by Lucy Kelly

HeVan Sent
HeVan Sent by Lucy Kelly

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

HeVan Sent was a pretty good sci-fi romance. I enjoyed the author’s writing style and really liked the concept and the way in which the story unfolded. While the idea of a matriarchal society in which the males outnumber the females is one I have encountered before – and tend to love because it lends itself to polyamory – Ms. Kelly does a nice job of taking ownership of the concept and creating HeVan. The plot to overthrow the house of HeVanth and the steps taken to do so that were revealed in the Prologue was an excellent way to set the stage for the book and the series.

The biggest detractor for me that prevented me from loving the book was Addie. For the most part, Addie is very interesting and likeable character. She is very intelligent, strong-willed, independent, and takes life in stride, adapting to the situation as needed. Despite all of this, there are times when she is downright juvenile, especially in her inner monologue. My problem wasn’t the juvenile antics themselves, but rather the jarring nature of a shift from thoughts and behaviors consistent with the PhD student she is to the thoughts and antics of someone with the maturity level of a 12 year-old girl who just discovered her boobs were growing. These personality shifts (for lack of a better term), would yank me out of the flow of the story and prevented me from fully immersing myself into the book.

That said, I enjoyed HeVan Sent and the way in which Addie’s relationship with Arjun, Kylan, and Rune developed. Their joining scene was none like I’ve ever encountered before and I loved it. I was both disappointed and glad that the book ended with Addie and the guys still on Earth. I had hoped to see her encounter with the current ruler of HeVan, but am glad that the series will be playing out over several books. HeVan Sent has the series off to a good start and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the Nephilim series.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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