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Take Heart by Willa Okati

Take Heart
Take Heart by Willa Okati

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I opted in to read this book primarily because of the author. The book’s blurb sounded interesting, but having read another book by Ms. Okati I was excited for the opportunity to read more of her work. When I started reading Take Heart I didn’t bother to look up which book of Ms. Okati’s I had read, but by the end of the first chapter I knew exactly what book, or rather books they were – her Mighty Casey series. Just as she did with Nate and Casey, Ms. Okati has created a similar couple with Evan and Griff in this book. I am not saying that she has recycled her characters because Nate and Casey would never be confused for Evan and Griff, but rather she creates couples who know one another so well that they don’t have to communicate every little thought out loud. I’m not talking about the cutesy couples who finish one another’s sentences, but the couples who are so in sync that don’t even have to start those sentences. In the case of Evan and Griff this turns out to be a very good thing as they work to get the good doctor to see the benefits of a long-term ménage relationship.

While this style of writing can be a tad disconcerting to begin with, I found that it made it easier for me to relate to Brendan’s hesitancy when faced with the couple. Heck, even having access to their inner thoughts still left me at a loss at times as to what Evan was trying to communicate to Griff; that is, until I realized that Griff could be just as slow on the uptake as I was. I suspect that some readers won’t enjoy the author’s use of the couple’s shorthand communication system, but for me it makes Griff and Evan feel even more realistic and the kind of people I would like to count as friends. Their silent communication comes into play quite a bit in their seduction of the good doctor and later in the bedroom and it just seems to make an already hot scene sizzle. These three men have some amazing chemistry together and I was oh so happy to have a front seat to that action. My only real complaint about the book was that I felt like there was a good deal unsaid as to why Brendan had taken a temporary job/vacation in St. Hawk’s. Take Heart is a great start to Ms. Okati’s new series and I can only hope that we find out more about Brendan, Griff and Evan in future installments in the St. Hawk’s Medical series.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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