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Crossing The Line by M.D. Saperstein & Andria Large

Crossing The Line
Crossing The Line by M.D. Saperstein & Andria Large

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With each book this series gets better and better, and it was pretty dang good from the start. With Nick and Delilah’s story, the authors addressed the taboo of boss and employee relationships. They then weaved a beautiful tale of interracial relationships with Charlie and Calvin’s story. In Crossing the Line, Ms. Saperstein and Ms. Large tackle the taboo of same sex relationships and round out the gang with Parker’s story. And who better to be Parker’s love interest than the actor he does not get along with, Chance Steele. It truly is a fine line between love and hate.

As Parker is close friends with Nick and Calvin, he has been a fixture in the previous books. Despite this, the reader discovers just how little they knew about Parker as his story unfolds. While we knew he was an actor, the level of disdain his family (excluding his grandmother) has for his career choice was unreal. I have to say that I loved that Chance realized that his childhood belief that having any family was better than having no family was patently incorrect after accompanying Parker to his grandmother’s 100th birthday. Parker’s family is atrocious, which is why he is so close to his “family” of friends. And Chance finds himself drawn into this circle of friends after a fight between him and Parker causes their boss to sentence them to spend time together and work on their animosity – otherwise they would be fired from the film. As neither of them wanted to lose their role in the movie, they begrudgingly begin to spend time together and become friends. As they are playing lovers in the film, Chance suggests to Parker that they “practice” kissing and groping so that they’re more comfortable on film. After initial refusals, Parker relents and their “practice” becomes more heated until eventually they become intimate. I have to agree with Delilah, the idea of Parker and Chance together, well “That’s hot!” and they deliver repeatedly.

As Crossing the Line is about the developing relationship between Parker and Chance that is still considered taboo by some segments of our society, the couple faces multiple obstacles – including themselves – as they try to find their way. Because the series revolves around the three guys’ friendship, we get to catch up with Nick & Delilah and Calvin & Charlie’s relationships and there’s plenty going on on both fronts. While the Epilogue was over-top dramatic, it was perfect for Parker and Chance and I loved it! I really hope that the authors write at least one more book in this series as I would love to see how everyone’s lives continue to play out.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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