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In The Moment: Part One by Rachael Orman

In The Moment: Part One
In The Moment: Part One by Rachael Orman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

Normally I don’t like to review serials unless I have all of the installments to read back to back. I understand that defeats the purpose of the serial, but I read at least one book daily, so if the installments are released weekly, there will be a minimum of six books read in between and if the installments are released bi-weekly, that’s no less than 13 books read, giving me far too much time to forget the details of the previous book(s). One of the many benefits of being a blogger is that I usually get all of the installments at the same time. However, in the case of In the Moment, even though I’m receiving the installments prior to their release, I still have to wait about two weeks in between as well. Why, pray tell, am I explaining all of this in my review? Because despite my dislike of trickle release serials, I have wanted to read Ms. Orman’s writing for several months now and keep missing out on the review opportunities due to scheduling. So in this instance, the serial format of In the Moment is perfect for me because it is far easier for me to slip a novelette into my review schedule every two weeks than it is a full-length novel.

As for Part One of In the Moment, I enjoyed the heck out of it. This installment serves to introduce the reader to the main characters of the series – Alicia, Ace, and Adam. Being as the novelette is only 35 pages and the serial format is intended to introduce the reader to the characters while sparking their interest enough that they want to read the next installment, there is not a huge amount of character development. While I picked up on bits and pieces about each of the characters, I felt like I learned the most about Alicia. I’m not sure which surprised me more about Alicia – that she capitulated to Ace as quickly as she did OR that she ran when he told her where he wanted to their “relationship” to go next. Ace is the quintessential bad boy biker – tatted up, growly, and alpha-male dominant. I liked his steamrolling attitude and that’s why his telling Alicia that she was his dream seemed out of character. Granted, his character is still developing and future installments may show him to have a bit of a soft side, but as he presents in this part it just felt off. I will say that Ms. Orman can certainly write a hot sex scene – both MM and MF. Because I won’t know until I finish all five parts whether or not this series will be added to my reread list, I am giving In the Moment: Part One 4 stars, but if I find that the series is one that I plan to reread, I will adjust my rating accordingly. Now, I’m off to take advantage of being a blogger and I get to read In the Moment: Part Two now because I want to see what happens next. Well done Ms. Orman, you definitely hooked me in.

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