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Hey There, Delilah by M.D. Saperstein & Andria Large

Hey There, Delilah
Hey There, Delilah by M.D. Saperstein & Andria Large

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Delilah has had the worst birthday ever. Her boyfriend turns down morning sex and then fails to remember her birthday. She returns from lunch early to find her boyfriend of eight years schtupping her boss … over her boss’s desk … while wearing nothing but chaps. Despite this unbelievably devastating blow, she handles the situation with class by handing her boss her ripped panties and resigning her job and kicking Ryan to the curb in a cool, calm, and collected fashion. That scene was EPIC!

Fortunately for Delilah, her mother knows someone who knows someone who is looking for a new assistant, so despite the sh!tstorm that is her life right now, she dusts herself off, dons the best outfit fitting of the “frump girl” she is, and sets off to interview for a job bright and early the next morning. Sadly at 5’2” she doubts she has a chance at the job when she sees all the statuesque blondes vying for the position. But what does she have to lose? It turns out, it’s her breath when she first lays eyes on Nick. What she isn’t privy to is that Nick needs a secretary he isn’t attracted to and her “frump girl” outfit makes her the perfect choice – the fact that she is actually intelligent and educated is a massive bonus for Nick. Within a week, Nick knows that Delilah is a godsend because she not only gets the job done, she does it while doing the little things for him his previous assistants didn’t – like getting his coffee in the morning. Although she is lusting after her boss, their relationship remains strictly professional but as time goes by Nick begins to notice her more and decides that he is overdue for a trip to Club M. I loved the idea of Club M. We of course know who Nico and LaLa are but they do not, so as the two strive to keep their work relationship strictly professional, their personal relationship flourishes even if they don’t know it. Through a series of events, Nick realizes who LaLa is but is so thrown by it he keeps the secret, so when the secret is revealed and Delilah realizes that Nick knew, the proverbial excrement hits the fan and Delilah once again finds herself unemployed and Nick finds himself oddly heartbroken. Nick must decide whether or not he is willing to do what it takes to win her back and exactly how far he is willing to go to do it.

I loved the chemistry between Nick/Nico and Delilah/LaLa. Their work relationship becomes friendly and Nick enjoys her sense of humor and company – something that doesn’t happen with women. I found myself laughing out loud while reading their banter. When they’re at Club M. the chemistry is off-the-charts hot. They push one another’s buttons and boundaries so perfectly that I could feel the heat coming off my Kindle. Hey There, Delilah was an entertaining read and I enjoyed Ms. Saperstein’s writing style. I’m looking forward to reading Unmasking Charlotte because I really liked Charlie and Calvin and cannot wait to see the sparks fly between those too.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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