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A Dom's Dilemma by Kathryn R. Blake

A Dom's DilemmaA Dom's Dilemma by Kathryn R. Blake

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Dom’s Dilemma poses quite the reviewer dilemma for me because there were parts of the book I enjoyed immensely and then parts that irked me. Fortunately the parts I enjoyed were really good and balanced out the parts I didn’t. I found the romantic suspense element to be the best part of the book and it’s actually what saved the read for me. As gruesome as the perpetrated crimes were, it heightened the action in the book as well as the intrigue once they were linked to Kelly’s past. The criminal investigation and the stakeout were great and I loved how that part of the storyline played out. While I found Jim’s Dom-mode to be on just this side of bullyish, I liked that Ms. Blake tempered his personality with concern and caring for Kelly and showed him comfortable with what can only be described as sweet moments of affection. For the most part (the non-bratty part), I liked Kelly and loved that her antics often forced Jim to actively refrain from laughing (thankfully as the reader I didn’t have to hold my laughter).

As for what I didn’t like, my biggest complaint was that their relationship moved WAY TOO FAST. Even taking into consideration that Jim had been watching Kelly at the club for three years, the fact that she scurried away from him almost every time he approached means that he didn’t know her. So for him to suggest that they spend the weekend together after only playing together once in the club surprised me. But what absolutely flabbergasted me was that she accepted. Granted, she said no at first, but before their session was over for the night she changed her mind. With everything that occurred during their session pointing at a history of abuse, Kelly agreeing to spend a weekend alone in the home of a man whose presence terrified a week ago made absolutely no sense to me. When we learn later on in the book the extent of the abuse she suffered in the past, her decision to spend the weekend with him becomes even more questionable. As if that were not bad enough, Kelly’s declaration of love coming after spending the weekend together was unbelievable and only outdone by Jim returning the sentiment and asking her to move in within a week’s time of becoming her Dom. If this had been a new adult book I may have accepted the speed with which the relationship moved (<= notice I didn’t say developed), but at 28 and 35 they are too old for such rash relationship decisions, especially for people who have been in the lifestyle as long as they had. Considering the book’s length, the storyline would have been more palatable had the author shown their relationship developing over an extended time period rather than the less than two-week period we’re given.

That said, A Dom’s Dilemma is a well-written book that will make many readers happy. This is not the first book I have read by Ms. Blake, so I know it’s not an issue with her writing style. I just didn’t enjoy A Dom’s Dilemma as much as I had hoped I would. As I have enjoyed her writing in the past I know I will read more of Ms. Blake’s work. This is one of those times where the book didn’t fit the reader (me). I recommend you download a sample and try it out for yourself – just because I didn’t love, doesn’t mean you won’t.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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