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Taming Kat by Aubrey Cara

Taming KatTaming Kat by Aubrey Cara

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really, REALLY enjoyed Taming Kat. I absolutely adored Kat. She’s mouthy, sassy, and independent almost to a fault – she is the classic hot-tempered redhead without being clichéd. At the same time, her inexperience with the opposite sex magnifies her insecurities, especially when faced with an attractive man outside of work and it’s even worse when she is faced with Caleb. Once Caleb enters the scene, it becomes abundantly clear why Kat’s insecurities rear their ugly head – the man is a seriously sexy alpha male whose voice alone can make her shiver.

Kat Martin moved to Texas to get away from her judgmental mother and sister in hopes that she could find out who she wanted to be. While she’s not happy waitressing at the local bar, she has to in order to make ends meet so that she can afford to work at the Circle F ranch – a job she enjoys because she gets to work outside, but not what she sees herself doing for the long haul. Despite having finally lost her v-card at twenty-five, her love life is still nonexistent and the only man she responds to is the one man she has no intention of being intimate with again – Caleb McCrae. But Caleb and fate have different plans for Kat and after being attacked when leaving work one evening, Caleb comes to her aid and she soon finds that the man she’s been avoiding is now the center of her life. Caleb’s constant presence flusters her because his threats to spank her both excite her and make her ashamed of her body’s responses. Thankfully she finds herself unable to hold out for long and as their relationship develops, the author treats us to a stimulating combination of hot sex and spanking as Caleb introduces Kat to the elements of BDSM that he enjoys. It was HAWT!

I have to say that Ms. Cara did something in this book that I do typically do not like, but she somehow managed to make it work in Kat and Caleb’s case. Within 24 hours of Kat’s attack, she and Caleb have sex. I usually find such a sequence of events unbelievable because the trauma from the assault would preclude sex both mentally and physically. And yet, I did not have that reaction this time. I don’t know how the author did it, but it actually felt right for them in my opinion. The interactions between Kat and Caleb are intense – the woman can argue most anything and has no problem standing up for herself. At the same time, she is sexually submissive in Caleb’s presence and this adds to the intimacy of their relationship. I was glad that Kat’s attacker was caught and couldn’t blame her one bit for the threats she made that evening, nor could I blame Caleb for laughing at her because the situation was hilarious. I really enjoyed Taming Kat and was excited when I learned that Ms. Cara has written two other books set in the same town about some of the characters I encountered in this book. I cannot wait to read them because I really liked her style of writing.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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