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Into the Darkness by M.A. Church

Into the Darkness  (The Bad Boys Club, #2)Into the Darkness by M.A. Church

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Into the Darkness takes place during the same night that Lust and Ice opens with, but it reveals the night’s events from the perspective of the brothers – Jordan and Allen. Just like their friend Kain, Jordan and Allen are among the elite VIPs at Night Moves and see each visit there as a chance to wager on who will capture their prey for the night first. While the brothers are definitely competitive (which plays out rather humorously later in the story), they have no problem sharing their man for the night and prefer to hunt tag-team style. And boy are their moves smooth and seductive! It’s no wonder so many men have fallen prey to them.

Alas, their preference for gingers leads them down the wrong path as their prey is actually a predator, just not one they’ve dealt with before…or ever will again…at least not as humans. Chaus is a vampire looking for his pet – something he has been doing for centuries. Much like Asmodeus in book one, Chaus is excited by the potential he detects among the members of The Bad Boys Club. That his search seems to have led him to two pets instead of one pleases him immensely. I like how Ms. Church includes at least one scene with the bad boy(s) of interest in each book so that I know that they are deserving of what happens to them. Karma definitely came a-callin’ on Jordan and Allen and it was hot. And funny when the brothers kept ratting each other out on sexual likes so that Chaus could force the other to orgasm faster. Competitive is an understatement. I found the BDSM aspect to the story to be an added bonus that played well with the brothers’ personalities. I enjoyed Into the Darkness and am looking forward to Haunting the Night to find out what happened to Hugh on this fateful night.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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