Saturday, October 24, 2015

An Author's Angst by Maggie Ryan

An Author's Angst An Author's Angst by Maggie Ryan

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I really enjoyed An Author’s Angst. Venia has been an ever present force within the community, always ready to mentor new Taken in Hands and help out wherever needed, so to see her get her own book was an absolute treat. I don’t know if it escaped my notice or it was never revealed before, but I had no idea that Venia was an author. As a blogger, I have “met” several authors via social media over the course of the past two years and I loved getting to see how Venia dealt with every author’s fear – writer’s block.

Jeffrey was the perfect match for Venia – a well-educated dominant who was not only willing to take her in hand, but he was also willing to tell her the truth when it came to her work in progress. I liked that he wasn’t embarrassed or too manly to read her bodice rippers and took the time to get a feel for her work. It made his feedback on her writing that much more meaningful because he knew what she was capable of. I also appreciated the fact that he took Venia’s lead in the beginning when it came to administering punishment when she technically met her daily writing goal but didn’t complete it on the piece she had to present him. That the author gave us a chance to get to know Jeffrey through his connection with Dina at work and at the science fair made the book that much more interesting – as did getting to catch up with Dina and Brandon. An Author’s Angst was a great addition to the series and I cannot wait to read more from Ryan and Corbin’s Bend.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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