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Don't Stake My Life on It by Bailey Bradford

Don't Stake My Life on It Don't Stake My Life on It by Bailey Bradford

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I know this is only the second book but I am so loving this series. After Tony and Augustin's unconventional romance in My Life Without Garlic I was excited to see what Ms. Bradford had in store for Claude's coven. Don't Stake My Life on It does not disappoint as Radney sets out to prove that he's not the loser or psychotic vampire his stunt with Augustin would indicate. And if along the way he happens to meet someone that captures his attention, well that's all for the better.

Truth be told I really didn't remember who Rad was until mention was made of his encounter with Augustin, which still only left me with a vague recollection of him. As the details of Rad's past are hinted at and revealed I realized that there was far more to him than previously known. While it's pointed out in the book that few vampires had a good experience when turned, we learn that Rad's was worse than most and that his early years were particularly traumatic due to a sadistic sire. Because of this he is squeamish about biting humans and avoids it whenever possible. Yeah, you read that right! A vampire who doesn't like to bite humans. Can you understand why I love this series? Ms. Bradford's characters do not fit the usual vampire romance stereotype. In the same vein (no pun intended), Andrew is not a super sexy human whose body is cut beyond belief. No, he's a slightly nerdy college student with a "soft" body, a big heart, and a double-dog dare from his twin brother to sex it up with the next attractive gay man he meets. It turns out that the attraction is mutual and that makes for one seriously hot make-out session.

While not fraught with the same level of snark as book one, Ms. Bradford insures that there are plenty of amusing moments to lighten the mood when needed. I like the new element she has added with the introduction of the hunters as they present a danger for both the vampires and the humans who love them. The relationship that develops between Rad and Andrew is sweet because they don't jump right in – at least not emotionally – preferring to get to know one another better before making an eternal commitment. I loved their chemistry and how well their personalities complemented one another. The end was great as Claude showed in no uncertain terms why he's the head of their coven. Don't Stake My Life on It was a great combination of humor, sexy fun times, romance, action, and a KILT and I enjoyed every page of it. I cannot wait for the next book in the series to find out who finds their mate next.

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