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A Brush of Violet by Corinne Alexander

A Brush of Violet
A Brush of Violet by Corinne Alexander

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Having read eleven books from the Corbin's Bend series, I have found that there are some books I like, some I enjoy, and some that I love. A Brush of Violet falls into the latter category and it has everything to do with the chemistry between Charles and Violet. Holy crap on a cracker, they were hot!

Violet has finally taken time off from work and is headed to Corbin's Bend to help her friend Everleigh with an art fair she's organized for Corbin's Bend. Unlike so many of the previous visitors to Corbin's Bend, Violet knows that the community is a spanking community and is looking forward to visiting her friend for multiple reasons. Shortly after her arrival, she meets Charles while she is out and about with Everleigh. They hit it off and she agrees to meet him the following day for lunch and a tour of Corbin's Bend. The conversation flows while the sparks fly and Charles ends up giving Violet a non-punishment spanking. Violet loves the spanking and not only does it cause her to question her life choices, it also loosens something within and she finds herself painting – something she hasn't done in years. When circumstances cause her to extend her visit, Violet gets a chance to further explore her relationship with Charles. Just as she decides that she wants more with Charles, a phone call from her boss sends her running back home with no explanation to Charles. Fortunately for Violet, Charles refuses to accept her brush off and goes to Colorado Springs to confront her.

A Brush of Violet may be one of the hottest books in the Corbin's Bend series. The chemistry between Charles and Violet was palpable and the spanking and sex scenes were unbelievably hot. I loved the balance that Ms. Alexander struck with Charles's character, giving him a clear Head of Household (HoH) feel, but also more of a Dominant than some of the men in other books in the series. While all of the main male characters in the series have definitely been alpha males, some are strictly Head of Households while others are both HoHs and Dominants. In Charles's case, this combination just seemed to make him that much hotter. Ms. Alexander has done an excellent job in bringing one of the founding members of Corbin's Bend to life and pairing him with a woman that complements him perfectly. A Brush of Violet is an excellent contribution to the series and I'm looking forward to the next book.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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