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Debt Inheritance by Pepper Winters

Debt Inheritance
Debt Inheritance by Pepper Winters

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That was intense! Even though I read the blurb, I wasn’t exactly sure of what to expect from the book. But I certainly wasn’t prepared for all that is the Debt Inheritance. As this is the first book in the series, it sets the stage for Nila’s deliverance to Jethro. In doing so, the reader learns most of the information at the same time Nila does, thus making it easy to understand her confusion and resulting mood swings from anger to helplessness. What little information that is revealed to the reader separate from Nila does more to provide understanding of Jethro’s actions than impart anything potentially useful for Nila.

I’m still not sure what disturbs me most (in a good way) about this book. The agreement that was signed that gives Nila to Jethro was entered into at a time when women were considered property and would seem to be completely legally binding, especially as it is set in England and was enacted with the crown’s authority. While one would hope that laws passed since that time would override it, it adds a believability to the story that I found quite disturbing. What also bothered me was the failure of Nila’s father to warn her, prepare her, or protect her from her fate – especially once we learn the truth about Nila’s mother. The luncheon scene was also unsettling; I expected a much darker and more violent induction, yet the formality and false civility was far more effective in stripping Nila’s defenses (and freaking me out).

Debt Inheritance is an intense and dark read. Although it does not meet the same level of twisted darkness of the Monsters in the Dark series … YET … do proceed with caution if dark reads are not your thing as there are scenes that will likely disturb some readers. And this is only the beginning of the ride. The author does an excellent job of setting the foundation for the series by creating far more questions than answers. Unless I completely missed it by being caught up in the luncheon scene, I still do not know WHY the Weavers owe a debt to the Hawks. But Ms. Winters definitely lived up to her promise of a cliffhanger ending and I for one cannot wait for First Debt.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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