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Hunger's Mate Part 2 by A.C. Arthur

Hunger's Mate Part 2
Hunger's Mate Part 2 by A.C. Arthur

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

He’s found her. The man that Jewel has been hiding from for three years has finally found her. Her secrets are out … well, most of them. But when she manages to elude HIM, with the help of Ezra, Bas, and Jacques, HE brings an army down on the resort in order to get her back. But Ezra is determined to protect her and once again Jewel avoids capture. But her freedom is not without cost as there were plenty of people caught in the crossfire at the resort. And the Shadow Shifters have lost ADAM in the invasion too.

Ms. Arthur ramps up the action and the sexual tension in the second installment in the Hunger’s Mate serial novel. And oh my goodness is it hot! There are major revelations made in this book about Jewel and Ezra – some we learned parts of in part one and some were completely new info. When Jewel’s safety and freedom are threatened, Ezra’s protectiveness increases exponentially and he is forced to admit to himself that he wants to claim her. At the same time, Jewel continues to fight what her body wants and finds it harder to do so as her situation gets direr. But when they both finally give in to inevitable, holy heck is it hot! Jewel refuses to obey, to acquiesce, to submit, so instead she takes what she wants and she wants Ezra. Ezra is more than happy to give her that control. And as we’re all coming down from that post-orgasmic high, Ezra receives a text that does not bode well. What is it? I DON’T KNOW!!! The reading of Hunger’s Mate Part 3 commences NOW!!!

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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