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959 Brenton Street by Thianna Durston

959 Brenton Street 959 Brenton Street by Thianna Durston

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I read this book and being as I usually write my reviews shortly after finishing a book, I wanted to skim back over 959 Brenton Street just to refresh my memory. BIG MISTAKE! I didn’t skim it. I reread the whole book. Considering how much I enjoy the author’s writing, I’m not overly surprised that I found myself sucked back into Trent’s story. And while it didn’t help my review schedule at all, I enjoyed myself immensely on the second read.

I’ll be upfront and say that I have very little knowledge of the Mormon church and what I did know about it was not very positive. Because of this, I really didn’t know what to expect as Trent tried to reconcile his sexuality with his religious beliefs because I didn’t know the church’s stance on homosexuality. While the religious aspect plays a large role in the storyline, as it is front and center in Trent’s life, it did not overpower the book in my opinion. I think that was because even though Trent was faced with deciding whether or not he could be Mormon despite being gay, the ultimate focus on the novel was Trent finding out who he was as an individual and what he wanted and didn’t want for his life. And when a frankly frightening policy of overbooking at the college’s dorms leaves him homeless – and this really ticked me off because Trent was a scholarship student whose scholarship covered room and board, so he should have had a guaranteed spot in the dorms – Trent’s scramble to find a place to live lands him in possibly the best place for him to discover himself as a man.

I loved the men of 959 Brenton Street. Going in knowing that Trent would find happiness, at least for a while, with Cory, I wasn’t surprised that I loved Cory’s character. What I was surprised by, was how much I came to love the other residents – Alan, David, and Greg. As the blurb indicates, each man has his own identity that would not be considered normal by much of society and that is precisely why they were so accepting of Trent, which made me love them that much more. I especially enjoyed the relationship that Trent and Alan shared. I was also VERY pleasantly surprised when the domestic discipline (DD) element was introduced. I have enjoyed each of Thurston’s DD novels and its inclusion in 959 Brenton Street merely added to my enjoyment. Obviously my absolute favorite part of the novel was the romance that developed between Cory and Trent because not only were the men perfect for one another, but Thurston took her time in developing the relationship and didn’t rush them into anything (and my thanks to the author for not harping on the age difference). My only disappointment in the book was that I made the mistake of reading the excerpt from book two and now have to wait for its release – boo! Excellent start to a new series.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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