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All of the Voices by Bailey Bradford

All of the Voices All of the Voices by Bailey Bradford

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So when I finished When the Dead Speak, I had an idea as to who All of the Voices would be about. It turns out I was half right as Matt is our McKinton resident who finds love and spirits or love with the help of spirits this time around. I’m actually glad I was wrong about Rich being the love interest because not only would it have been too easy to bring Laine’s former partner to town, but Carlin proved to be a much more entertaining choice as the city slicker finds himself swooning over the country boy.

After nearly dying in When the Dead Speak, Matt developed a friendship with the elderly Mrs. Hawkins and rather than attempting to jump his bones when he responded to her prowler reports, she baked him cookies and they visited for a while. Because of this, he was devastated when he found her dead while responding to her latest prowler call. Their friendship was the only reason that Matt was able to tell the sheriff about Mrs. Hawkins’s nephew, a man who quickly becomes the target of Matt’s ire as he’s not visited his aunt in years. We learn that Carlin had good reasons for not visiting and once Matt is made aware of them, he reassesses Carlin and the men bond over their shared love of Mrs. Hawkins – and a rather lusty mutual attraction. Matt & Carlin strike up a short-term relationship with Carlin being honest about his intentions to return to New York and Matt wanting what time he could have with Carlin. Until Rich, Matt had never entertained the idea that he was gay. His attraction to Carlin confirmed his preference and Carlin was his first everything. Because of this, the sex scenes take on a level of care and sensuality I wasn’t expecting, especially with Carlin’s return to New York hanging over their heads.

I really enjoyed watching Matt and Carlin get to know one another. Although they fell in love within a week’s time, thse book didn’t have that insta-love feel to it that I find often accompanies such a quick moving relationship. This is probably why it hurt so much to watch them part ways when Carlin returned to New York. And thanks to the helping hand of a spirit or two – and Severo – it’s also what made the ending so perfect. I am curious about the new waiter and cannot wait to find out his story as he’s already eliciting the protective instincts of some of the townsfolk. All of the Voices was an excellent addition to the Southern Spirits series and I look forward to reviewing Wait Until Dawn – which is Rich’s book.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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