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A Glimpse of the Dream by L.A. Fiore

A Glimpse of the Dream A Glimpse of the Dream by L.A. Fiore

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Having read only one other book by Fiore – Beautifully Damaged – but having read it a dozen times at least, I was excited for the opportunity to review A Glimpse of the Dream. I loved the characters, drama, conflict, and angst that made up Beautifully Damaged and I was anxious to see if the author would bring the same talent to A Glimpse of the Dream. I was not disappointed at all as this book was everything I hoped for and more.

The opening of A Glimpse of the Dream is both sad because of Teagan’s loss, yet hopeful when Kane comes into her life. I enjoyed skipping through scenes from their adolescence, watching their friendship form, strengthen, and grow into more. The love that grew between Teagan and Kane was pure and illustrated what some people experience when they are fortunate enough to find their other half at such a young age. It was beautiful to watch, which is what made Kane’s decision to breakup with Teagan while she was away at college so hard to understand. And Fiore does such a beautiful job of depicting Teagan’s shock and devastation that a similar personal experience was not necessary to feel Teagan’s pain and loss – there was no need for a frame of reference to be able to understand why Kane’s news nearly destroyed her. Honestly, Fiore did such a good job of making me fall in love with Kane that I could not imagine a single thing that could be revealed that would enable me to forgive him for breaking Teagan – not just her heart, but her entire being. And yet, she did. Once Kane’s secret was exposed and I understood why he did what he did, it was impossible not to forgive him.

But understanding it and forgiving him for it does not mean that I agreed with Kane’s decision. That he continued to run hot and cold on Teagan even after she learned his secret and made it clear that she wanted him in her life in whatever way irritated the crap out of me. Yet it was realistic to the situation and his secret, as was his back and forth on issues when he worried about failing or letting Teagan down again and this kept me sympathetic to his plight. The chemistry between Kane and Teagan was even more intense once they reunited and this made for some seriously steamy scenes. I adored Simon and the family that was forged at Raven’s Peak and this is what made the ending of A Glimpse of the Dream so perfect. I’m still in awe that Fiore managed to make me fall in love with Kane, fall in hate with Kane, and fall in love with him all over again – but I shouldn’t be because she made me do the exact same thing with Trace in Beautifully Damaged. Even though I now know Kane’s secret, I cannot wait to read A Glimpse of the Dream again and relive Kane and Teagan’s love all over again. I will certainly be checking out more of Fiore’s work as well.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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