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Delivered to Love by Thianna Durston & Jamie Ray

Delivered to Love Delivered to Love by Thianna Durston & Jamie Ray

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While I’m no stranger to Durston’s writing, this is my first book by Ray and I must say that I was quite pleased with the results of this collaboration. Admittedly, any installment which lets me spend a good deal of time with Jonathon (even if it isn’t always pleasant time for Jonathon) is already ahead of the game, but Danny and Phillip’s story was so good that Jonathon’s presence was the icing on the cake for me.

Danny is one of the unseen parts of the community – the suppliers and delivery people who venture in and out of Corbin’s Bend, bringing in the goods they need, making them integral to the community without actually being a part of the community. Danny has been making deliveries to Corbin’s Bend for a while and has befriended several of the residents, especially those working at the businesses he delivers to. So when Danny has an accident that sends him to the newly opened Corbin’s Bend Medical Center (CBMC), he and the center’s administrator, Phillip Scott, find out just how cared for Danny is by the residents. For Danny, this is reassuring considering all that he’d endured that week after his parents discovered that he might by gay. For Phillip, learning that Danny is so well liked makes it that much harder for him to fight his attraction to the young man. I’m not sure who was more surprised by Phillip inviting Danny to convalesce at his home – Danny or Phillip? But it mattered not once Danny took him up on the offer in hopes of learning more about the man he found so intriguing. As they spend the weeks together, getting to know one another and Danny learning more about himself as a gay man, Phillip expresses his interest in pursuing a domestic discipline (DD) relationship with Danny. Although initially hesitant, Danny’s trust in Phillip gives him the courage to say yes to a trial DD relationship. But when his perfectionism and fear threatens Danny’s relationship with Phillip, Phillip must decide if Danny is worth fighting for.

I enjoyed Delivered to Love immensely, despite Danny’s parents’ best effort to ruin Danny’s life (and my reading experience). Thankfully we don’t meet Danny’s parents directly but that doesn’t keep them from meddling in his life even after they kicked him to the curb – and the revelation at the end of the book regarding his parents really shocked me considering how close-minded they were about Danny’s sexuality. What didn’t ruin my happy reading vibe was watching Danny and Phillip’s relationship develop even as they tiptoed around it in the beginning. The chemistry between them is hot and this made for some equally hot sexy fun times – with and without the spanking. But it was watching Phillip teach Danny what it meant to be a gay man, a man who enjoyed erotic spankings, and a man who might want to be in a full-fledged DD relationship that it made it a fun read too, despite the heavier themes. I loved the ending of Delivered to Love and am already looking forward to the next Corbin’s Bend book.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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