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Review of In Your Eyes by Cardeno C.

In Your Eyes
In Your Eyes by Cardeno C.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I do believe that In Your Eyes may be my favorite of the Mates series. As much as I enjoyed the previous books in the series, I think that Samuel's story is my favorite because he undergoes so much personal growth and flourishes in the face of all the challenges he meets. That his social awkwardness reminded me of myself at the same age helped me to connect with him more than the characters in the rest of the series and likely contributes to his being my favorite character thus far.

Samuel is a book learner. He has been groomed for the position of Alpha since childhood and has immersed himself in studying all that he could regarding shifters in general and his pack specifically. While his intelligence and learning is well known and respected by others, his aloofness and inability to connect with his pack emotionally concerns both him and his parents. When circumstances force him to take over as Alpha long before he is ready, he does the best he can in an unbelievably difficult situation. When things yet again do not go according to plan, Samuel finds himself face to face with his true mate ... his MALE true mate. To say that Samuel was shocked to learn who his true mate was would be an understatement, but he was absolutely devastated by the way in which he learned the truth. But as is the case with true mates, tying with Korban completed Samuel in such a way that he was finally able to understand the lessons his father tried to teach him about connecting with his pack. It is the strength of Korban’s love and humanity that gives him the frame of reference he was sorely lacking.

The character development that Samuel undergoes is astounding. It should have felt rushed because so much happened in such a short time, yet the author wrote the scenes in such a way that they felt perfectly paced. As expected, the sex scenes were hot and I swear I could feel Samuel's enthusiasm pouring off the pages once he embraced his sexuality and his mate. In Your Eyes has such a great balance of romance, sexual heat, action and intrigue that I was engrossed from beginning to end. Cardeno C. has written yet another great installment in the Mates series and I can only hope there are more to come.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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