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Review of Through No Fault of My Own by Elena Alexandrescu

Through No Fault of My Own
Through No Fault of My Own by Elena Alexandrescu

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once you get past, or should I say into, the writing style, this is pretty good read. By no means am I saying that the writing style is bad because the author is very talented. What I mean is that Through No Fault of My Own reads like a television show – you jump from one scene to the next with almost no segue. However, as soon as I realized what was going on, I got right into the book and enjoyed the ride.

Michael is a sniper for the Company. His mission goes awry and he gets captured. After several weeks pass, he manages to escape. With Abe’s introduction to the story we learn that Michael is just one of many who have been kidnapped, but he is the only one who has escaped; while several of the others have been returned, they came out of the ordeal unable to function any longer. After a briefing by his superior, Abe takes on the assignment to find the mole who has been feeding information to the kidnappers and he wants Michael on his team. This is where the abruptness of the writing style becomes really apparent as what follows is a series of scenes in which Abe and Michael form an operational relationship of Handler-Agent and work together to find out who is responsible. Were you watching this on television, the scene changes would be apparent immediately, but once I realized the format I embraced it and enjoyed watching the partnership form between the two men.

While Through No Fault of My Own is short, it doesn’t prevent Ms. Alexandrescu from packing it full of action. Rest assured that Abe and Michael do catch the responsible party, but there is plenty of action and suspense while doing so. There is just a hint of romance weaved in the story with it culminating with a kiss. So if you’re looking for a romance heavy m/m read, this won’t satisfy your craving. But if you’re looking for a quick action thriller read, then give it a go. I for one hope that the author expands on this series as I would love to read more of Abe and Michael’s story.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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