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Review of Dark Innocence by Madeline Pryce

Dark Innocence
Dark Innocence by Madeline Pryce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

Oh my goodness that was hot! I want to know where I can find my very own lion. Ms. Pryce can write some sexy vampires but I think that Dante just might exceed them in sexy points and not just because he's hot.

In Dark Innocence we find Hannah not coping well with life post-Lizbeth’s abduction. She's trying to numb herself with alcohol, drugs, and sex. Unfortunately her eidetic memory makes any reprieve short and her actions just add another guilt-laden memory to her suffering. Fortunately she is able to call Dante to help her out of her most recent predicament as they have remained in contact since he helped rescue her. That Dante is the only person in her life who knows the depths to which she has sunk, yet still comes to her aid when she calls only adds to the feeling of safety his presence instills in Hannah. It is the manner in which he handles Hannah that increases his hotness quotient exponentially. He is gentle with her when she needs it but is not afraid to deal out a little tough love and it is this tough love that helps her to get her life back under control - no more alcohol, no more drugs, no more men ... well, only one man. May I say that I loved Hannah's attempted seduction? I would still be laughing were it not for the nail-biting situation Hannah found herself in immediately afterwards.

As the danger Hannah faces intensifies she finds herself under Dante's protection and, even more importantly, under Dante! Thank you Ms. Pryce for making Dante a lion shifter! Everyone knows that cats love their cream and Dante is no exception ... oh my that man sure made my kitty purr. I appreciated that Dante spent so much time being intimate with Hannah, engaging in some serious foreplay, and made sure she was ready before they finally went all the way - and you'll have to read the book to know exactly what I'm referring to.

As with Dark Cravings, there is a lot of action as Hannah finds herself the target of a stalker. And despite the fact that she has been sheltered from the dark side of the world by her family for much of her life, with Dante's help, she finds her inner strength and proves that she has Grey blood running through her veins too. Again Ms. Pryce writes with just the right balance of erotica and paranormal romance. I'm looking forward to reading Dark Secrets next.

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