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Review of Finding Her Rhythm by Dani Wade

Finding Her Rhythm
Finding Her Rhythm by Dani Wade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finding Her Rhythm was an awesome read. I connected with Taylor almost immediately. I felt so bad for her and the situation she found herself in with her stalker ex. Fortunately she has a great friend in Stephen and he has the perfect solution for her – being the nanny for the tween children of rock star Michael Korvello. While their first meeting may not have been the best impression – for either of them – it certainly insured a lasting impression.

Oddly enough my favorite scene in the book was not one of the smoking hot sex scenes, but rather the first time Michael shared a meal with his children and Taylor. I love, love, loved the way Taylor dealt with Matthew’s refusal to clean up his mess. The way in which she presented his choices of either clean up the mess or you don’t get to take part in family fun night appealed to my professional training and I fell under Ms. Wade’s spell that much harder. I was relieved when Michael finally began to let his guard down and realized that pursuing Taylor might be worth the risk to his heart. I don’t know who I was rooting for more, even if it was for the same outcome.

I had so much fun reading Finding Her Rhythm and watching Taylor and Michael build a relationship while trying to sidestep the other’s baggage. While the sex was hot, it was also sweet as Michael set out to help Taylor overcome her body image insecurities and the emotional damage inflicted by her ex. And because Taylor is dealing with a psycho stalker ex, there is a bit of drama and suspense in the final chapters of the book. I absolutely loved Finding Her Rhythm and cannot wait to read Settling the Score.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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