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Review of Wild Ride by Opal Carew

Wild Ride: Invitation To Eden
Wild Ride: Invitation To Eden by Opal Carew

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

Wild Ride was exactly that. As expected, an Invitation to Eden is never quite what the invitee expects. When Marissa receives an unexpected invitation she thinks that maybe her prayers have been answered because the private island is the perfect place to hide from her biker ex-boyfriend who is trying to insert himself back into her life. By the time she learns that her safe haven might not be so safe after all, it’s too late to turn back so she endeavors to enjoy her time on Eden, convincing herself that there is no way that Rip would be on the island. Of course the island gives you what you need, and Marissa soon finds herself face-to-face with her terrifying ex and in her haste to escape, she jumps on the back of Killer’s bike.

Killer. Now that's a name that is sure to cause feelings of safety and security to invade your head and heart. Not even a little bit. Yet for some reason (lust), Marissa finds herself trusting him and places herself in his care. This is the point at which I seriously questioned her sanity. Considering her reaction to Rip, the last thing she should do is hop on the bike of someone she doesn’t know – he could be riding with Rip for all she knows and she just delivered herself to him. But trust is not always something that is rational and he made her feel safe, so she went with it and boy did she ever go with it. Once Killer gets her to safety he can no longer pretend that she doesn’t affect him. And as he proceeds to put her through the paces of submission, he realizes how much he underestimated the effect she has on him.

As expected on Eden, the sex scenes are hot and they are plentiful. The sex between Killer and Marissa was HOT! During conversations earlier in the book between the two about fantasies, I expected that there would be a ménage scene and Ms. Carew did not disappoint – surprised me with the identity of the other man, but no disappointment. The inclusion of two additional MC members was not surprising either and seriously ratcheted up the heat factor with the MFM and MFMM interactions. However, what did surprise me was the inclusion of another female and the FF scene that followed. It surprised me because Killer seemed confident that Marissa would be okay with it when they had not discussed it previously and because there was no indication earlier in the book that is was coming. Sadly this jerked me out of the story and interfered with my reading flow. Despite this interruption, Wild Ride was a really good read for me and I am looking forward to more of Ms. Carew’s writing and another trip or two to Eden.

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