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Review of To Love and Obey by Mardi Maxwell

To Love and Obey
To Love and Obey by Mardi Maxwell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed reading To Love and Obey. Cade has a strong alpha Dom personality but has convinced himself that he can close the door on his dominant tendencies and lead a vanilla lifestyle with Addison when he gets ready to settle down and get married. As such, he never told Addison about his sexual preferences, so it’s not surprising that she felt betrayed when she walked on him sharing his brother’s girlfriend with him and a third brother. I did have a problem with Cade’s tendency to ignore Addison when she disagreed with him and at times strong-arming her into doing what he wanted. This leads me Addison who, while I loved her character most of the time, had an annoying habit of letting Cade control her in ways that conflicted with her personality otherwise. The biggest example of that was when he made her sign the contract. Nothing in their negotiations indicated that she was getting any of the terms she requested or that she wanted the terms they came to. For a red-head with a fiery temper, her personality was doused several times by Cade in ways that just didn’t jive with her character.

Despite this minor character issue, I enjoyed To Love and Obey and Ms. Maxwell’s writing. This was a fast-paced book with the right amount of action, hot sex (it is a BDSM book after all), and love that succeeds in kicking off the series right. I will be reading the sequel and hope to read future books in the series as I found the Ramsey brother’s quite interesting and cannot wait until the twins get their own book…their preference for symmetry just screams ménage relationship.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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