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Lawless In Leather by Melanie Scott

Lawless In Leather (New York Saints, #3)Lawless In Leather by Melanie Scott

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It seems as those Ms. Scott has saved the best of the terrible trio for last. In Lawless in Leather, Malachi Coulter gets his girl – whether he has time for her or not. As a former army-man turned security consultant, Mal is in charge of beefing up security at Deacon field to insure the safety of players and fans alike. If you have read the earlier books in the series, then you know that Mal’s past makes this task of the upmost importance and because of it he’s been putting everything he has into making Deacon as safe as humanly possible by the start of baseball season. Now if you haven’t read The Devil in Denim and Angel in Armani, don’t fret because you can read Lawless in Leather as a standalone thanks to the way Ms. Scott presents Mal and Raina’s story.

Cheerleaders?!?!? There’s no cheerleaders in baseball. Okay, so I’m (badly) ripping off Tom Hanks’s crying spiel from A League of Their Own, but that doesn’t keep Alex from using every marketing idea he has to pack the seats for the New York Saints in order to gain some attention for the worst team in the league. Despite the fact that I am not a sports fan and thought it was nuts, I figured at least it would pull the attention off the team’s dismal record. Enter Raina Easton. Dancer, singer, owner/operator of a burlesque club, and the woman responsible for bringing to life Alex’s vision – the Fallen Angels. Even though she’s out-blonded and horizontally challenged in the presence of the Fallen Angels, there is something about the red-headed firecracker that proves to be irresistible for Mal. Although both Mal and Raina put up one heck of an entertaining effort to resist one another, thank the good lord in heaven that chemistry overrides fears and logic because these two together is positively sinful.

As it has several months since reading the other books in the series, I cannot say with complete certainty, but it felt as though Ms. Scott has ratcheted up the suspense factor in this installment. Admittedly, Mal’s profession makes this an option that will flow with the storyline without feeling forced. So not only did Raina’s stalker situation prove to be a realistic addition to the story, but the author was able to use the series of incidents to create conflict, demonstrate character growth, and heighten tensions between the two. And she does so beautifully, making Lawless in Leather my favorite book in the New York Saints series. While Mal is the last of the mighty to fall, I do hope that Ms. Scott plans to continue the series as she does have an entire baseball team to pick from (Ollie anyone?) and I would love to see how Mal and Raina and the rest of the couples are faring – we do have weddings and proposals waiting to occur.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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