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Welcome to Lobster Cove by Carol Lynne

Welcome to Lobster Cove (Lobster Cove #1)Welcome to Lobster Cove by Carol Lynne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I do believe Ms. Lynn has a hit on her hands and a stellar start to a new series. Welcome to Lobster Cove not only serves as an introduction to the new LGBT-friendly community, it also gives us a look into the lives of two very different men with seemingly nothing in common but who find themselves drawn to one another despite their best intentions to stay focused on starting their lives anew in Lobster Cove.

Boone moved to Lobster Cove for work and in hopes of finding a safe place for his brother to live. Because his partner of three years dumped him when he gained custody of Laddy, his teenage brother with Downs’ Syndrome, Boone has no interest in romance. That is, until he meets his new boss, Dante. Although not recently dumped, Dante has had his trust shattered just as badly when his best friend and longtime business partner Scott left town with most of his money, forcing Dante to close his extremely successful New York restaurant. Adding insult to injury, Scott was cheating on Dante’s sister and he felt guilty for introducing Scott to Ava. Fortunately, Ava forced her way into Dante’s relocation to Lobster Cove and her smart mouth kept me entertained as I never knew what to expect from her. I will admit that I was surprised by how she took to Laddy almost immediately and both she and Dante showed no hesitation in accepting him. Not only did she serve as a buffer/sitter when Boone and Dante got the chance to be alone, but she proved to be vital to the success of Boone’s pursuit of Dante.

For the most part, the story flowed smoothly. There was a time or two where I felt as though I had missed a transition between scenes, but that ultimately had little effect on my overall enjoyment of the novella. The chemistry between Dante and Boone was great and made for some intense sexual interactions, especially when time was not on their side. Their relationship reservations were justified and fell in line with their pasts, especially when Ava provided Boone with her insight into Dante. And while I am looking forward to finding out whether or not Ava accepts the date request she received at the end of the book, what sold me on the Lobster Cove series was the way the community came together in Laddy and Boone’s time of need. I hope that future installments will allow readers to catch up with Boone and Dante and I look forward to meeting more of the residents of the Lobster Cove community.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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