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Texas Family by R.J. Scott

Texas Family (Texas, #4)Texas Family by R.J. Scott

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The boys are back and looking to expand the Campbell-Hayes family even more. Now that their respective business ventures are doing well and Hayley has moved seamlessly into their lives, Riley and Jack decide that they want to make their family of three just a bit bigger. But you know what they say about Texas, right? Everything’s bigger in Texas. And when these two guys decide that they want a bigger family, they don’t shy away from the opportunities they encounter on their journey.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the last two books, Texas Family gave me that little something extra that I needed. Perhaps it was because Riley and Jack were committed to their new family goal and had to lean on one another emotionally more so this time around, but I felt like their already strong bond just got stronger. There is no doubt that these two men love one another and would do anything they could for each other, but some of the situations they faced in Texas Family were such that there was nothing they could actually DO, so they had to rely on one another for support and comfort. The chemistry between the two is just as intense and even though they’ve been married now for 3 years, their sex life hasn’t waned a bit – maybe gotten hotter. The fantasy Jack came up with while at the doctor’s office to make the necessary donation for fertility checks was HAWT!!! But it paled in comparison to when they made it a reality. Good grief! My Kindle needed a cigarette after that scene. As much as I love Riley and Jack’s sex life, it is their easy affection and loving PDAs that I enjoy most of all. They speak to the love the men share.

I will admit that I was right there with Riley and Jack in waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nothing in their union has been easy, so the idea that two gay men in Texas could have a baby (via surrogacy) and do so without conflict was ludicrous. And yet, that’s what happened. Like them, I kept waiting for the roadblocks to pop up and the obstacles to be thrown in their path, but for the most part the entire process was pretty much drama-free. Finding a compatible surrogate proved easier than they expected as did choosing the egg donor. The procedure went well and took the first time. This left Jack and Riley having to deal with the “typical” trials of becoming parents. My heart was so full when, during the course of the surrogacy, they met a child that they wanted to adopt. Granted, Riley’s wealth makes it easier for them to obtain their family goals (especially being as they are two gay men in Texas), but there was no second guessing as to whether or not bringing a child into their home that wasn’t blood-related to either of them and had special needs was a good idea. This made me love the guys even more than I already did. I loved Texas Family and am looking forward to Texas Christmas to find out what Ms. Scott has in store for the Campbell-Hayes clan and the Double D ranch next.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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