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Pure by M.A. Church

Pure by M.A. Church

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The Gods series has gotten better with each book and Pure is my favorite of the bunch. As the series has revolved around a group of three friends living in Las Vegas, we have learned more about Zygi with each book. So I was really looking forward to seeing big, hairy, and scary finally get his shot at love. That it was to be with Cupid’s friend Morpheus, the God of Dreams, merely increased my anticipation as Mo was such an interesting character in Perfect.

Even though their interactions were limited in book two, the attraction between Zygi and Mo was apparent. While Mo is shy and unsure of how to catch Zygi’s attention while he is in his human form, he does not have that problem when he enters Zygi’s dreams as Morpheus. I thought it was rather cute that Mo was startled out of the dream when Zygi called him by name. Knowing that Zygi was dreaming about him also seemed to help increase Mo’s confidence a bit. And while Mo continued to blush quite readily in Zygi’s presence, this only seemed to encourage Zygi’s Dom-side to emerge as he attempted to both ensnare Mo and protect him. I was pleased with how well the BDSM elements meshed with the storyline; but again, I think that because we had already learned about Zygi’s inclination in Perfect it didn’t feel like it was added to the book as an afterthought but rather was a natural part of Zygi. That it increased the eroticism of the sex scenes was just one heck of a bonus for readers… and Mo.

Once again Ms. Church has delivered a story that was an entertaining blend of mythology, romance, conflict, interfering gods, and seriously hot sex. While Jealousy once again reared his ugly head, it was to give Zygi a much needed kick in the arse. I liked that Zeus and Ares made another appearance as well. I will admit that even knowing how arrogant the gods are often portrayed, I was still taken aback by Ares’s actions toward Mo, but was equally as pleased by how Morpheus dealt with the transgression. But it was Zeus’s actions and concessions that really wrapped up the story for me, especially the gift he bestowed upon Zygi. As it has been almost two years since Pure was published, I am assuming that it was intended to be the final book of the series and while it was an excellent conclusion to The Gods series, I can only hope that the Moirai pay Ms. Church a visit soon and inspire her to write another book or two.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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