Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three-Way Tie by M.Q. Barber

Three-Way Tie Three-Way Tie by M.Q. Barber

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This was a perfect little snack to hold me over while I waited for the release of Becoming His Master. Three-Way Tie gives fans of the series the chance to spend a day with the trio as they go shopping for the perfect dishes for their first Thanksgiving dinner as a family. We get to witness the care that Henry takes as he prepares Alice and Jay for their day out. The usual banter between Jay and Alice is present as is the Henry's steadying presence. The sexual tension between the three is obvious as they make their way into yet another antique store, but it is Jay's pleasure at finding the perfect dishes and at the praise he receives from Henry that is most palpable. That is, until they arrive home and Henry choreographs a stunningly erotic scene between the three of them to fulfill the promise of his all-day foreplay. Despite the short length of this story, Ms. Barber continues to stay true to her characters and who they are as individuals as well as who they are within their ménage dynamic. I do not recommend reading Three-Way Tie as a standalone because to fully appreciate it, you need to be familiar with the trio and what they have faced to get to where they are in their relationship. But if you are a fan of the series, spend the buck and buy this novelette. I got it as a Prime borrow for the month and will be purchasing it so that I can read it again whenever I need a quick Alice, Jay, and Henry fix.

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