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Tricks of the Trade by Spencer Dryden

Tricks of the TradeTricks of the Trade by Spencer Dryden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

Oh my goodness that was hot! Mr. Dryden opens Tricks of the Trade with a scene that seems to come straight out of a porn video – lonely older housewife, hot young plumber, and plenty of pipe. And yet, as I read on I quickly found that there was far more substance to this hot little novelette than the first page would suggest. When Will comes to Mitzi’s plumbing rescue, he does so by giving her a little lesson on basic plumbing. While it is true that Mitzi shows her “gratitude” with a little oral pleasure, she takes it one step further and gives Will a lesson in women, specifically older women. Because Mitzi is a sexually confident woman who hosts sex toy parties, she’s quite adept at “schooling” our young Will. I really liked how her instruction was provided during the course of their sexual interlude – the author managed to make it sexy without feeling clinical. Oh yeah!

Now don't let me lead you to believe that Tricks of the Trade is erotica with no story because it’s not. Actually Will’s interlude with Mitzi is only the first half of the story because it’s Friday night and Will has plans to go clubbing with his buds. Thanks to Mitzi’s Intro to Cougars 101, Will is far more aware of the older ladies in the club than he was on previous nights out. He decides to use the disco dancing skills his momma taught him to meet some new ladies. I loved that Will’s mother taught him to dance and that he got the opportunity to use them to woo the ladies. I was delighted when he made a connection with one of his dance partners. That she was a massage therapist made it even better because it gave Lucy the opening and confidence she needed to make an overture to Will. And yes we are treated to another steamy scene as Will proves that he was definitely an apt pupil. It is through Will’s interactions with Lucy that Mr. Dryden gives us the romance that keeps Tricks of the Trade from being relegated to being strictly erotica. I was quite impressed with how the author managed to pack so much story into 44 pages, giving me not only hot sex scenes and romance, but also a few laughs at Will’s inner monologues and his friend Smitty. And he did it without falling into the insta-love trap by giving readers a look at the beginning of a romance. Tricks of the Trade was a great little read that has been added to my re-read list – hence the 5-star rating – and I look forward to reading more of Mr. Dryden’s work as I enjoyed his writing style.

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