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Review of Blue Mountain by Cardno C.

Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain by Cardeno C.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you enjoyed CC’s Mates series then you will love Blue Mountain, well at least I did. I know, you’re shocked, right? All snark aside, regardless of the genre the book is written in (contemporary or paranormal romance), CC’s books are ultimately about love and when you’re reading a romance novel the whole point is to be swept off your feet. And this is what CC’s books are for me, a chance to be swept off my feet as I fall in love with not one, but two men and Blue Mountain once again delivers on this promise.

I must admit right up front that I found the opening of the book hilarious. Not only did I enjoy the fact that the shifter cubs got to partake of the Halloween tradition of dressing up and going Trick-or-Treating, but the visual of Mitch dressed up as Frankenstein’s monster had me cracking up. It also helped to highlight the bond between Mitch and his brother Freddy. I found the idea of twin Alphas fascinating, especially as they work together for the good of the pack with Freddy taking on the role as pack Alpha. The bond between the brothers is so obvious that I wasn’t the least bit surprised later in the book when Freddy expressed his dissatisfaction at not having met Simon yet. What did surprise me was Mitch’s response. It was not a question of his love or mating instinct for Simon – because face it, once you meet Simon you cannot help but fall in love with him – but rather it was Mitch’s willingness to leave the pack and move to a city that shocked me. As for Simon, I had to agree with Mitch’s assessment that Simon was adorable in most things and completely understood Mitch’s desire to bundle him up and protect him from the world.

As is my experience with CC’s books, it is the relationship that develops between Mitch and Simon that is the focal point of the book. Because of Simon’s past, Mitch must exercise a great deal of patience and fight his shifter instincts so that Simon can come to realize that Mitch is his mate. This restraint allows Simon to get to know Mitch and fall in love with him, taking the reader along for the ride at the same time. Of course, this makes for some extremely erotic sex scenes when Simon finally accepts that Mitch is his mate. I absolutely loved Blue Mountain and cannot wait to find out how CC’s next creation sweeps me off my feet.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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