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Review of Mica by MariaLisa deMora

Mica by MariaLisa deMora

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is a LOT going on in this book. Mica is not only the story of Michaela Scott, but as the first book in the series it also serves as an introduction to the Rebel Wayfarers Motorcycle Club. Readers who are sensitive to the subject of rape should proceed with caution as it is one of the more prevalent themes of the book. While the author handles the topic with great care, it does come up repeatedly in the book and could be a potential trigger for some readers.

Mica is an inspiring combination of strength and vulnerability. She had a tough childhood that got worse after her mother died when she was 14. Because she was a skilled horse rider and trainer she started on the rodeo circuit at 18, where she met Ray and learned more about life's cruelties as he was abusive and controlling. When she managed to flee that situation she found herself in Chicago and eventually neighbors with Mason, the MC President. Mason is not only sexy as sin, but he also observes her discomfort with him and spends months making her comfortable in his presence and gaining her trust. Although Mica doesn't understand its significance, Mason claims her as the club's Princess and puts her under their protection – an action that ends up saving her life and insuring her well-being several times throughout the book. It is during one of these incidents that Daniel enters her life. While Mason is bad boy sexy, Daniel is good guy hot and finds himself quite drawn to Mica. What follows is one of the oddest love triangles I have ever read and I loved every bit of it.

I was touched by the way that Mason and Mica loved one another. Her trust was something he fought hard for and was so determined to keep that he refused to allow his attraction to her interfere. Because of their friendship, the sex scenes between them are intense because they are filled with love. However it is the sexual chemistry between Mica and Daniel that produce the seriously hot sex scenes. But as hot as the scenes are, it is the constant love and support that Mica gets from both of the men that enable her to face all the obstacles that life continues to throw at her – of which, there are many. And while it is one heck of a rocky road, Mica finds her “always” with the help of a hockey player, an MC President, and an entire motorcycle club. The author has the series off to a great start and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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