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Review of Unattainable by Charity Parkerson

Unattainable by Charity Parkerson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unlike the previous books in the series, I feel like the storyline in Unattainable weaves in with that of the previous book, Unbalanced, far more than we have seen to this point. While you can read each of the books as a stand-alone, I feel that in the case of Unattainable, your enjoyment of the story will be increased significantly if you take the time to read book four first because there are nuances to the relationships between McKenna, Kurt, Brian and Terry that are lost to readers who skip Unbalanced (as I almost did). Not to mention, you really need to stock up on the laughs book four provides before starting book five – and be sure to keep your tissues handy.

Brian and Terry met in Unbalanced and the attraction was instant. However, Brian did not know that his attraction was NOT one-sided and was left wanting something he couldn’t have. Terry wasn’t in the closet, but he didn’t feel like his sex life should be the public’s business. Despite his attraction to Brian, Terry manipulated Brian into agreeing to train with him and because of his secret, Terry placed himself in an unenviable situation in which he had to hide his feelings from Brian. The more time they spent together, the harder it was for Terry to do. However once McKenna informed Brian that Terry was gay, all bets were off as Brian refused to take no for an answer (in the good way) any longer. I enjoyed the chemistry between Terry and Brian. They are both dominant personalities, yet they never really grappled for control over the relationship. It was as if they each knew when the other needed to their strength and they stepped up at that moment. That they loved each other just made the sex that much hotter – and as we are talking about two MMA fighters (one active, one recently retired), all that muscle means I was already imagining some rather steamy scenes.

I thoroughly loved this book, despite the emotional rollercoaster ride it took me on. As I stated previously, I strongly recommend reading book four first as I believe it will enrich your reading enjoyment of Unattainable, including the tears you are bound to shed. Ms. Parkerson has made an excellent addition to the No Rival series. The supporting cast of characters is as endearing as ever, including the new additions. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series and can only hope that Kip will be its focus.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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