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Review of Finder Fees by Kelly Gendron

Finder Fees
Finder Fees by Kelly Gendron

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. Gendron certainly knows how to write an alpha male that makes me swoon. J.T. is arrogant, confident and cocky and all are well-earned characteristics. His persistence has made him successful at what he does … finding things. Between that and the fact that he is worth millions, he is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it; fortunately he does it without an air of entitlement, so much like Sloan, I was drawn to him immediately. However, as the story progresses and we learn more about J.T., it was easy to understand why Sloan was doomed from the beginning – especially when he breaks out the alpha male claiming his female explanation or when he gets all growly. In a word, SEXY!

As for Sloan, I just gotta say she was awesome. The family loyalty among this clan is amazing. When faced with a rather intimidating J.T., her concern for her twin sister, Max, has Sloan holding her tongue and letting him think he’s found the right person so that she can meet Max’s boyfriend and figure out why her sister is missing. I enjoyed the back and forth between J.T. and Sloan. As much as he wanted her, he refused to cross that line because she belonged to someone else. Sloan’s last boyfriend has left her raw, so she refuses to acknowledge any possibility with J.T. Once J.T. learns that Sloan is not Max and Sloan is not spoken for, all bets are off and he intends to claim her as his own, something he never expected to happen. It is this aspect of the story that I truly appreciated. J.T. and Sloan had an instant attraction – one they both fought – but never did they pretend it was love, rather they acknowledged it for the physical attraction that it was. Even as the relationship progressed quickly, they didn’t fall into the insta-love that is so prevalent in novels lately – it was still attraction with an added aspect of caring for the other. When J.T. laid his claim on Sloan, it was just that – super hot sex marking her as his and vice versa, but still no words of undying love were uttered. Yet as they spent more time together and incidents forced them to face a life without the other in it, they realized that their feelings had progressed to those of love. While it was quick considering the timeline of the book, it wasn’t instant and it was consistent with Sloan’s family’s history of falling hard when they do fall.

The main factor that tips a book from a 4-star rating to a 5-star rating for me is whether or not I think I will reread the book and Finder Fees has definitely hit that mark. That I still need to go back and read books 1 & 2, which will lead to a reread of Lucky Numbers merely increases the likelihood of it happening, especially with Fallon’s book being released next. Thank you Ms. Gendron for sharing another enjoyable book in the TroubleMaker series.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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