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Review of Pink Pucks & Power Plays by V.L. Locey

Pink Pucks and Power Plays
Pink Pucks & Power Plays by V.L. Locey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Despite the fact that I found Viviana to be quite annoying in the beginning of the book, I enjoyed Pink Pucks and Power Plays immensely. In the first several chapters of the book Viviana comes off as a bit of a diva drama queen to me. However, as she spent more time interacting with those around her – especially the girls and Alain – I found her character much more likeable and enjoyed the story that much more. The country club scene towards the end of the story is probably my favorite scene in the book.

Despite being a bit self-absorbed (at least in the beginning), Viviana is simply unable to deny her sister a favor and finds herself thrust into the apparently hideous Busy Bee scout leader uniform and chaperoning a group of girls to a basket weaving class – at least that’s where they’re headed when her car breaks down. As the society pages reporter, she has absolutely no idea as to who Alain is when she and the girls stumble into the ice hockey rink trying to find a phone to call for help, but she learns the extent of her “find” during the weekly Monday meeting at work when her boss offers her the chance of a lifetime if she can get “the story” about the elusive Alain. Thanks to the demands of the Busy Bees who want to play hockey instead of making baskets, she has her in and quickly finds herself involved with Alain. As she spends time with him and gets to know him, she finds herself less enthusiastic about her article and far more invested in Alain. The fact that he is a genuinely good guy that absolutely worships her Rubenesque figure and is the best lover she has ever had makes her dilemma that much more difficult. But as all good romance novels require a bit of conflict and drama, Viviana’s assignment is revealed to Alain by her backstabbing colleague and she must deal with the consequences of her betrayal – which include crushed Busy Bees and her own broken heart.

I enjoy a good sports romance and Ms. Locey did not let me down. I love Alain’s character and fully appreciate the touches she added to make him seem real – my favorite being him speaking in broken English at times. While I prefer fiction to non-fiction, I do like my characters to feel real, so it irks me when an author has a foreign-born character who speaks perfect English. Ms. Locey’s inclusion of broken English and misused words for both Alain and Veikko give Pink Pucks and Power Plays that touch of realism I enjoy. The fact that Alain is a super sexy athlete who appreciates a full-figured woman is an absolute bonus. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Locey’s work and can only hope that we do get more of the Wildcats as the book’s cover seems to indicate that this is to be a series.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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