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Review of Tied by Emma Chase

Tied by Emma Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh to be back in Drew’s head! What a glorious place to be. Drew is actually one of my favorite character’s heads to spend time in, quite possibly the very top of the list. Why? Not because he’s a guy and we’re treated to the male’s perspective. Nope. It’s because Drew is bluntly honest in his assessment of situations and people (including himself), he is sarcastic, and he is a smarta$$. Put most simply, he is of my people – those of biting wit for whom sarcasm is an art form. And Tied proves that while he is still all of these things, he has also grown up a lot since Tangled as his impending nuptials to Kate close in.

Most of the action in Tied occurs during the Bachelor and Bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas a week before the wedding. In case I thought the antics of this crew couldn’t get any crazier, they proceeded to prove me wrong … again. From Drew giving Billy pick-up lessons, to strippers (at both parties), to fist fights (again, among both parties), and enough alcohol to insure their level of drunkenness achieved being completely effing obliterated (thanks Drew for that handy breakdown), the Tangled crew kept me laughing almost the entire time. For goodness sakes, Drew has a mini-argument with his two-year-old son as to whom mommy’s breasts belong to … and, yeah, Drew won that argument. LOL.

As implied by the title of this book, Tied is the wedding fans of the series has been waiting for. And as much as I love Drew and the way he keeps me laughing, it is his love for Kate that is his most endearing quality. When he wakes up with a hangover the day after the bachelor party, the devastation he experiences when he realizes that the woman in his room is not Kate is heartbreaking. Of course the revelation of the preceding night’s events immediately thereafter is as funny as ever, it is Drew’s love for Kate that gets me every time and the wedding and reception are no exception. Ms. Chase has done a wonderful job of wrapping up the series with Tied and I can only hope that Drew invades her head and forces his way out so I can spend more time with my favorite smarta$$ – even if it is just for a novella. But until that happens, it’ll be rereads for me.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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