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Review of Skating on Thin Ice by Jami Davenport

Skating on Thin Ice
Skating on Thin Ice by Jami Davenport

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I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

Skating on Thin Ice is a great start to Ms. Davenport’s new Game On in Seattle series. Being a fan of her Seattle Lumberjacks series, I was excited for the opportunity to read this book. I enjoy sports romances and am finding that hockey-based sports romances are becoming a favorite – despite my lack of actual exposure to the sport. Fortunately, this book does not disappoint.

Lauren hails from a hockey family and would be considered a legacy if not for the fact that she was born female. But like everyone else in her family, she lives and breathes hockey, she just does it the only way she can, as a member of the Giants’ staff. Sadly, the handicap of being born female (yes that was sarcasm) means that she’s still not taken seriously by the “old boys’ club” that pervades the sport, even in management. That is, until Ethan walks in the door. While the full level of his involvement is concealed, Ethan makes it clear that he is there to evaluate the Giants for investors looking to purchase the struggling hockey team and his research sends him to Lauren as the person with the most useful knowledge of the Giants despite her current position within the franchise. He quickly learns that she’s even more knowledgeable than he suspected and finds that her brains and passion for hockey only intensify her attractiveness. When he realizes that the attraction is mutual, well that makes keeping it “professional” that much more difficult. Between the gag order the league has him under and the relationship baggage both Lauren and Ethan possess it’s clear that things will not end well, but that isn’t enough to deter either of them from getting involved. Let me just say … steamy! Inevitably, the $h*t hits the fan and Ethan is unable to prevent the fallout that sends Lauren running. Ethan has to decide how far he’s willing to go to keep Lauren in his life.

Ms. Davenport has created a great cast of characters, many of whom are clearly poised for their own book as they make their new home in Seattle. As much as I enjoyed Ethan, it was Lauren’s character that I absolutely loved. The strength of character and independence she had to possess in order to work her way up in such a male-dominated field is impressive, especially considering that she works for the same organization as her father and it’s fairly easy to deduce that he did little to support her career choice. Then to find herself in the precarious position between Ethan (whose organization could offer her and the team better opportunities) and her father (whose group would not) was not an enviable one, especially when her father tries to use “family” as a way to guilt her into feeding him information. Thank goodness for Brad and his crazy idea! Not only does Skating on Thin Ice give Lauren the resolution she deserves, it also sets the stage for the series and I for one am looking forward to the next book already – so Ms. Davenport, please write quickly.

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