Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In The Moment: Part Five by Rachael Orman

In The Moment: Part Five
In The Moment: Part Five by Rachael Orman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

I’m having a hard time determining if my disappointment with Part Five is because the journey is over or if it’s the installment itself. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy In the Moment: Part Five because I did. I liked that Ace stayed to true to his character and lashed at out Adam when he sent Alicia away after the discovery at the end of Part Four, which is where this installment picks up. I was surprised by the consequences of his rash decision and reckless behavior that Ms. Orman wrote into the story, but they were realistic and I applaud her willingness to do that to one of her main characters. I loved that Adam’s arrival was once again perfectly timed when Alicia’s past came skulking back into her life and that he had the chance to administer a little justice before the police arrived. That the guys accompanied her to the police station and were there to support her emotionally helped to show that maybe, just maybe, Ace was finally getting his act together and that they had a chance for the long-term ménage relationship they had been working toward. Of course, the sex scenes were as hot as ever – even with the position maneuvering that was required to accommodate physical conditions at different times in the story. But I suppose I had hoped for just a bit more closure to their story. Did I enjoy In the Moment: Part Five? Absolutely. Was it a complete story? Yes it was. Were all the questions answered? No, but no book can do that and the questions that were left hanging were left hanging because of when in time the story ended. Ultimately, I just wanted a bit more of their story. But in the end, In the Moment: Part Five is still a 5-star read for me because I will reread it and I look forward to being able to read all five installments back-to-back.

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