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The Heart of Texas by R.J. Scott

The Heart of Texas
The Heart of Texas by R.J. Scott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Heart of Texas gave me everything I love in a book – drama, suspense, secrets, lies, betrayal, murder, romance, love, really hot m/m sex, cowboys, and there was even a barroom brawl. I laughed. I cried. I smiled like a loon. I was so swept up into Riley and Jack’s story that I read into the wee hours of the morning, only stopping when my eyes refused to stay open any longer and picking it back up as soon as I could today – which was not quick enough for me. There are so many layers to the story that I am afraid to talk specific details for fear of revealing spoilers.

Riley is the middle son and one of the heirs to his father’s multi-billion dollar oil company. But when his father attempts to cut him out of his fair share of his inheritance, despite the fact that it is Riley’s success at the company that has helped make Hayes Oil as financially sound as it is, Riley is forced to stoop to his father’s level and play his game. Taking advantage of a loophole in his father’s contract that requires him to be married for a year before the company’s shares will be redistributed, Riley approaches Jack Campbell and proposes. Although we really don’t know Riley very well at this point in the book, I never once questioned his motives for trying to thwart his father’s efforts to cut him out of the company. There was just enough said about and by Riley at this point that I knew his actions weren’t motivated by greed. While it was clear that he chose Jack as a way to stick it to his father, I couldn’t fault him for it. The means to which he went to secure Jack’s agreement were cold and calculating, but Riley’s apparent discomfort at how far he was taking things again made it impossible for me to dislike him for it. As the story unfolds, I was relieved to learn that my faith in Riley was well placed because when push came to shove (which it did several times) he stepped up to the plate.

Now I don’t want you to think that just because I’m focused on Riley that I didn’t like Jack. I loved Jack. Although not the oldest son, he seemed to be the man of the Campbell family. I loved how he took care of his family and how he took on the challenge of Riley. The chemistry between the two of them was so freaking intense and the sex scenes were hot, especially the one in the barn! YUMMY!!! As everything I want to say about Jack screams spoiler, I have a hard time espousing his virtues, but man that’s one hot cowboy with a huge heart. Ms. Scott has created a richly complex story that has so many overlapping and intertwined plotlines that it is ripe for confusion, yet never once was I confused about the events and secrets and lies. Her writing is concise and powerful. I am so glad that The Heart of Texas is the first book in the Texas series because that means I get to spend more time with Riley and Jack.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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