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Sated by Charity Parkerson

Sated by Charity Parkerson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If the ending of Sated means what I think it means, then that was freaking awesome. If I’ve misinterpreted the ending, then it’s still freaking awesome because the alternative is mind blowing. Sound confusing? I kind of think that’s the point. While this is not the first book I have read by Ms. Parkerson, it is the first paranormal romance I have read by her and I believe it was her intent to leave some things unexplained so that the reader could draw their own conclusion as to Arbor’s fate. The problem, however, is that it makes it very difficult to discuss the specifics of Sated while writing a spoiler-free review. So proceed with caution because even though I’m going to try my best NOT to spoil the book, the potential for slippage is extremely high.

Take heed, Sated is a book you must pay attention to as you read. It is not a light read and by that I am not saying that it’s a dark read, but rather Ms. Parkerson reveals Arbor’s story in such a way that you have to be attentive to the obvious state of affairs and the subtle hints that are dropped along the way. All but two chapters begin with what appears to be a journal entry written by Arbor. I was a few chapters into the book before I recognized them as such and found them to be a rather interesting method for providing the history between Arbor, Killian, Lyric, and Trey. Initially they seemed to contradict what was happening outside of the journal, which is what caused my confusion. It, and the book being set in New Orleans, also led to some rather interesting hypotheses on my part as to what was going on and all I will say on that is… things are not as they appear.

As their story played out – alternating between the past and the present – I was enthralled by the relationships that developed. The ménage relationship between Arbor, Killian and Lyric was expected and Ms. Parkerson delivered on some seriously hot sex scenes between the three. While I was not actually surprised that Arbor and Trey also connected, I was pleasantly shocked by how their first time together proceeded. Yowser! That was HOT! With each sexual encounter that occurred, I was torn between which romantic entanglement would be the best for Arbor and while I would have loved to be in her shoes during those encounters, I didn’t envy her having to choose. Arbor’s situation became even less enviable as the end of the book neared and just when I thought I knew what had happened another piece of information was revealed that made me rethink it. At this point I should note that I finished the book and wrote most of this review several hours ago and as I reread my review and mulled over the book, I feel more confident about what I believe happened and yep, it’s still freaking awesome. I’m already looking forward to rereading Sated so I can confirm my suspicion and enjoy the heck out of Arbor’s journey.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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