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No More Talking by Rhian Cahill

No More Talking
No More Talking by Rhian Cahill

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

No More Talking was a fast read that combined just the right amount of sweet romance and spicy sex that has secured it a spot on my reread list. Zac is best friends with Freddie’s brother and has known her since they were children. But when she turned 25, he stopped seeing her as West’s little sister and started seeing her as the sexy woman he had to force himself to keep his hands off of… until one night he didn’t. While he has managed to avoid Freddie in the six months since that night, he hasn’t forgotten a single second of their encounter. Being best man at West’s wedding puts her directly in his sights and Zac decides he doesn’t want to deny himself any longer. However, after ignoring her for six months, it might not be that simple.

What I liked about this novella was that their built-in history allowed Freddie and Zac to move forward without it feeling rushed. In their case, this meant some smoking hot sex almost immediately and they did not let up. Boy howdy! Zac seemed intent on making up for the six months he avoided Freddie and she (and I) were quite happy with that – two words for you: Shower Sex!!! Of course, West finding out about his little sister and Zac made for two wonderfully entertaining scenes, although I’m sure Zac would disagree with my assessment. Despite the plentiful amounts of sex, No More Talking is a romance and it was up to Zac to decide just how far he wanted to take his relationship with Freddie. I was just glad that when he FINALLY decided he was all in, Freddie made Zac work for it for a bit – she didn’t just forgive and forget him walking away from her not once, but twice. Ultimately Freddie knew what she wanted, but she refused to be a pushover and that bodes well for their future. As the next book in the series is about Zac’s brother, I do hope that Ms. Cahill gives us a chance to see how life is progressing for Zac and Freddie. Until then, I’ll keep No More Talking in the queue for when I’m in need of a quick and steamy read.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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