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Served Hot by Annabeth Albert

Served Hot
Served Hot by Annabeth Albert

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

Served Hot was such a sweet M/M romance. Robby has a crush on David, one of his customers, but hasn’t been able to figure out if he is gay or straight. With the Pride celebration being held during the upcoming weekend, Robby finally works up enough courage to make a nonchalant mention of the weekend’s events and is STILL unsure about David’s sexuality, although now Robby suspects that David may indeed be straight. Poor Robby. So when David shows up at the Pride festival and makes a point to seek Robby out, Robby finds himself even more confused until David asks him out for coffee. Priceless! Ask the coffee guy out for coffee.

But David’s faux pas was exactly the kind of ice breaker these two needed so that the courting could commence, and courting was how their relationship felt. Mind you there was the modern day twist on it as we’re not only talking about two men, but also a couple of really hot bedroom encounters. Yet David comes off as an old-fashioned guy and while he seems quite taken with Robby, he’s unsure of how to proceed. My heart actually broke for David when he told Robby about Craig and their non-relationship. With both Robby and David having been in closeted relationships, neither wants to be someone’s dirty little secret again and that should make things easier for them, right? Sadly it does not because David has no actual relationship experience and because neither man wants what they have together to be threatened, neither is willing to voice their wants, concerns, and insecurities. Eventually situations align in such a way that Robby is forced to speak up and ask for more out their relationship. But Craig’s ghost and David’s baggage may prove to be more the Robby can handle.

This novella has couple of rather sad scenes that left me looking for my tissues. I didn’t quite need them, but Robby and David are such sweet guys that it seemed to make the sad parts even sadder. Thankfully Served Hot is a stand-alone novella and this cute couple got their happy ending, complete with a Coconut Frappé. This was an adorable story and I am already looking forward to reading Baked Fresh, the second book in Ms. Albert’s Portland Heat series.

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