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Beyond the Cut by Sarah Castille

Beyond the Cut Beyond the Cut by Sarah Castille

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It’s been just over six months since I read Rough Justice and while I didn’t immediately remember all the details of the book, I found that the important pieces fell into place rather quickly as I began reading Beyond the Cut. As I typically read a book a day we’re looking at about 200 books being read in between the two books. For me, the fact that pieces fell into place with the mention of only a name here or an event there shows me how much of an impact the book made on me. And I found Beyond the Cut to be just as impressive of a piece writing and suspect that I won’t soon forget what Cade and Dawn endured in order to have a life together.

Having escaped her ex-husband and shed the mantle of old lady at the same time, Dawn has no intention of falling for another biker, no matter how hot Cade might be. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions and no matter how hard Dawn tries, she can’t seem to catch a break nor avoid getting pulled back into the MC lifestyle. And who better to accompany her on that road than Cade, the Sinner’s sinner. Cade being a biker is bad enough, but when Dawn learned that he was known for not sleeping with the same woman more than once she knew there was absolutely no way she could see him again – even if they had two nights together. That is, until he touches her. Oh yeah! The chemistry between Cade and Dawn is intense and both pretty much go blind to the world around them. This made for some seriously hot get-your-engine-revving sex scenes. When the man who is used to being the pursued must become the pursuer, he takes to the task of winning Dawn over perfectly. But Dawn’s past sets out to insure that theirs won’t be an easy journey as her ex tries more than once to reclaim his old lady, with or without her consent. And when Cade finds his hands tied by the club he has to decide who is more important – the woman he loves or his band of brothers.

One of the things I enjoy about this series is that while Castille has no problem infusing the grit and violence that is expected in a one-percenters’ book, it is tempered by the relationship that develops between the main characters. Cade is an alpha male through and through – he is possessive and protective of both Dawn and her daughters. While he may be bossy and expect Dawn to fall in line like he’s used to the sweet butts doing, when she stands her ground he doesn’t lose his temper and take it out on her physically like her ex did (actually it tends to turn him on). But the best part of Cade isn’t how protective he is of Dawn nor how far he’s willing to go to protect her – it’s how good he was with her girls. I loved their interactions and I teared up when Tia finally talked to him. As for Dawn, I freaking loved her. Yes she has some moments where I wanted to strangle her and ask her WHY? Why did you do that? But she was stuck with some really lousy options and did the best she could for her daughters’ sake. As bad as it sounds, I actually loved that the men initially underestimated Dawn, forgetting that she wasn’t a civilian but that she had once been an old lady – specifically an old lady in the club they were looking to take down. What made the situation even better was when they realized how valuable her insight was and not only listened to her, but helped her out with the custody issue. I loved how Castille resolved the issues around Cade and Dawn, I just wish the book hadn’t ended when it did because I really wanted to see Cade give Tia and Maia their gifts. Beyond the Cut was a great addition to the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series and I cannot wait to read Sinner’s Steel because I REALLY want to see Zane meet his match.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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