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Cowboy Heaven by Cheryl Brooks

Cowboy Heaven
Cowboy Heaven by Cheryl Brooks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. Brooks certainly knows her way around a cowboy or two or three… Cowboy Heaven is the second installment in the series and unlike Cowboy Delight it is a full-length novel, so while we still get plenty of hot cowboy action, we also get fully-developed characters, romance, and a little bit of suspense.

Obviously sharing the name with the main female character makes it even easier to imagine myself in Angela’s place as she picks up a sexy cowboy who’s hitchhiking. Her tendency to fantasize about Troy, her newly acquired stray, made me to connect to her even faster. While Angela’s fantasies were hot, they had nothing on the real thing when Troy shows her just how well he can ride. Having been alone since her husband’s death 2 years earlier, Troy proves to be just what Angela needs in her life but hiring him on at the ranch has farther reaching consequences than she ever anticipated. Angela soon learns that her ever-respectful cowboys have been kept at arm’s length by the ranch foreman and she sets out to shake things up by getting to know them and spending time with them – some more than others. Troy’s presence also seems to light a fire under Dusty’s butt and he makes his interest known and poor, lonely Angela finds herself the recipient of not one, but two cowboy’s attention.

As usual, Ms. Brooks did not let me down when it comes to the sex scenes. The chemistry between Angela and Troy was lustful and appropriate to their fling. Later in the book when she and Dusty finally get together, their shared history and feelings for one another generated a deeper connection that I felt when they interacted – especially after Dusty’s near misses. Fortunately for the reader, Angela is a woman who enjoys sex and isn’t afraid to admit it, so the resulting sex scenes are toe-curling hot. While there is a LOT of flirting going on, I liked that the three primary recipients (yes, I said three) took it for what it was and didn’t allow it to cause friction in the bunkhouse. On the contrary, there was quite a bit of ribbing and egging on of the flirtatious encounters. I will admit that Cowboy Heaven ended up having a heavier feel to it than I expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed the added dimension the suspense element added to it. Cowboy Heaven has been added to my reread list and I’m already looking forward to Cowboy Bliss, the next book in the series.

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